Cheryl McDougall

DJM Business Development Group

Exhibition: Spread v1

The Process

DJM Business Development Group – DJM is a solution-based business analysis company which uses the business development lens to identify the unique challenges of each client, then creates a plan to maximize the bottom line.

DJM targets small business owners and start ups – a bold, progressive look is key in this competitive market. DJM’s process is different – and that difference has to come across in their brand.

Sales, marketing, operations, and business analyst – four elements that are important to the DJM customized assessment method – were the starting point of the new identity. The idea of an aperture came from the notion of targeting or focusing in on business challenges through the unique DJM method. The abstract aperture is build of four overlapping sections representing the four elements of the DJM method. A sense of motion and momentum is created.