Dave Nagy

Huskie Motorsports

Exhibition: Spread v1

The Process

“You do logos right?” That was the start of this adventure.

Motor. Racing. Team. Logo. There are few times when one’s interests collide in such fortuitous ways. As a student group, the formula SAE team at the U of S is indirectly associated with the university proper and wanted a logo that would be similar to the identity of the institution but be uniquely reflect any of them. After exploring various avenues and researching other teams from various levels of Motorsport and racing history, settling on a dog icon was the clearest way to move forward. After many different sketches (some of which are shown here) the actual version came about while sitting in the parking lot of the co-op. (Always have your sketch pad!) The final version played off the U of S Huskies official emblems, but in a way that also referenced racing and motion.

After creating the initial sketch, translating it to a digital format took a fair amount of time to maintain the energy of the sketch while having an economy of weight in the lines. The type structure and the lock up fell into place quickly. The logo needed to be able to fit on a variety of items and places. Usage examples such as team wear and livery for vehicles were created. (In the end unused.)

This was a fun project that was equally challenging and compelling and provided a rare opportunity to flex some illustrative skills as well.