Giles Woodward


Exhibition: Spread v1

The Process

We believe that if the context of a problem is framed correctly, a solution will emerge naturally. When Kinetic needed to rebrand, the solution was inherent in the company name. Because the literal meaning of the word Kinetic relates to motion, it was obvious that the visual identity of the agency needed to somehow incorporate movement.

We searched for solutions that conveyed movement through experimentation with visual devices, typography and optical patterns. Through trial and error, it became increasingly apparent that the company was not in need of a logo, but instead an identity that represented a “big idea”. We wanted to avoid branding that was unintelligent, stagnant or ‘pretty without purpose’.

Kinetic is an agency that believes in purposeful advertising. We strive to create clever advertisements that elicit a response. Thus, “ideas that move” emerged as a fitting slogan to reference both literal and figurative movement.

The rebranding of the agency was ultimately an exercise in fitness for purpose. Kinetic’s new identity captures the energetic, smart, creative spirit of the company and allows for creative delivery of the Kinetic brand. It provides an easily recognizable visual identity that is adaptive, intuitive and easily translated to all mediums.