Malary Cloke


Malary studied Information Design at Mount Royal University. Shortly after graduating, she began a career at USask in the marketing department (University Relations). She’s learned a ton in the last nine years with the university, but her minimalist, simple aesthetic has always remained. She never strives to be like other designers or artists, instead, constantly builds on her own experience and tries to do better work than she did yesterday, last month, last year or five years ago.

Her real passion for design and layout was ignited shortly after university ended when she would design and layout short books for her friends and family. She knew she wanted to focus her career on telling stories through communication design. Luckily, USask has stories that need to be told in creative ways to make academia more appealing to the average person.

Four years ago she started designing the USask alumni magazine. It took a few issues and an injection of new ideas to push the magazine in a new direction, but before she knew it she had found her groove. It was the desire to tell the stories in a creative, engaging way that kept her coming back for more—good stories are the key to good design.

Currently, the thing she loves about branding and identity work is that every logo and brand has something to convey. To Malary, ‘Our Six’ means reconciliation—bringing people together despite their differences—and the opportunity to tell such an important story through her creative skills seemed like something she wanted to be a part of.