Tim Neal

Saskatoon Public Library

Exhibition: Spread v1

The Process

The logo development process was complex and surprising. The discovery phase was highlighted by the realization that a pelican was quite representative of our client. The culmination of that phase was the selection of a sketch that was known in-house as “The circle of pants/the pineapple slice.”

The execution phase was long and tedious with more than fifty versions of the vector icon developed. A variety of illustrative techniques were applied and then abandoned for the simple and elegant delivery that is seen in the final form.

The logo’s primary symbols are books, with three sizes representing different reading levels, as well as the diversity of library-goers. The books are abstracted to become pieces of a larger shape (a sunburst). The book spines point inward, like arrows, and the spaces become pathways. Both elements lead to the centre circle, which is representational of a gathering place and knowledge centre. The icon was then paired with Ubuntu – an open source typeface which is ideal for SPL as a public institution.