Spread Show Submission

Welcome to the Our Six spread show

A gallery exhibit that focuses on the personal viewpoints and the design processes of designers within Treaty 6 territory.



Our Six - SPREAD v.2

The concept of “Our Six” was developed to explore the regional aspects of living within Treaty 6 territory. The exhibit features the designs and processes of 12 designers residing within the boundaries of Treaty 6.

The exhibit explores if there is a way to encapsulate the complexities of living in treaty territory through the methodologies of design? Perhaps just attempting to challenge this question through visual communications will provide ample opportunity for greater understanding and new discourse.


Overview & Guidelines

All relevant details for participating in the “Our Six” SPREAD show can be found in the Request for Participation PDF (See below). Any questions or concerns can be directed to info@spreadshow.ca

Contributors have been individually selected and personally invited to participate. If you were not invited to contribute but wish to participate please provide details as to why you would be interested and capable of contributing.

Becoming a show Contributor

If you were not invited to contribute to the current show or if you would like to contribute to future shows. Please fill out the form below;